Innovation lives here.

A new partnership between the Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation and B’nai Brith Canada, One Kenton is a unique facility whose staff not only understand the depths of Alzheimer’s disease but provide unparalleled care and compassion to those who endure it. Our mandate is to develop and implement innovative new technologies, strategies and services aimed at managing the disease. We focus on exploring new approaches that enhance care. Advances made at One Kenton will not only benefit residences but all those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Research and care are what we do.

Our team is passionate about providing dignified care to all residents. We utilize a ‘person first’ model wherein each resident is treated as an individual with worth above all else. In addition, One Kenton specializes in developing new healthcare and information communications technologies that improve the daily lives of the seniors for whom we provide care.

Ivey and B’nai Brith: Partners in Care.

One Kenton is a state-of-the-art residence designed to provide unparalleled levels of care and innovative services for individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. In order to fulfill this mandate, B’nai Brith has entered into an exciting partnership with the University of Western Ontario’s Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation to research technologies and care models for Alzheimer’s treatment within the complex. This partnership enables a one of a kind opportunity to create positive change and enhance strategies in the treatment and care of people living with Alzheimer’s.


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With 45 resident rooms in our facility, we cater our services to a limited number of seniors. This allows us to provide outstanding personalized care and attention to residents in a familiar home environment.



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